Saloon keepers change whisky brand

Here’s a humorous piece from the Cochise Review from Feb. 9, 1901, quoted completely:

“The saloon keepers of this town must have changed their brand of whisky on the boys last Wednesday, for several who took a jolt or two that day immediately started out on the war path, and Judge Wilcox had some fun with them.

“One miner, who is well known in this section, and who was never known to have been under the influence of liquor, took a couple of drinks and some quinine to stave off an attack of the grippe [influenza], and thereupon proceeded to clean up the town.

“He drew a knife on a man, when he was then hauled up before Judge Wilcox, where he immediately ‘smashed’ a constable. Another constable jumped in and the two placed the belligerent miner in the lockup, and here he proceeded to thrash the other inmates.

“The saloon keepers had better go back to their old brand of whisky or there is no telling what may happen.”

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