You think it’s been windy this year!

We’ve had some gusts around the area this year that have removed roofs and made life less than comfortable. As I write this post this morning, I’m watching ocotillos swaying in the breeze.

But this is nothing compared to what prospector Dan Holland experienced back iProspector hurled 200 feetn 1916.

On Dec. 24, just prior to the Christmas snow fall, a “severe wind storm” visited the area. Holland, better known as the “Yaqui Scout,” according to the Bisbee Daily Review, had been living in a tent on Juniper Flats, near the property of the Juniper Flats Gold Mining Company.

He had gone to sleep and several hours later a “terrible gale of wind struck the ridge” and his tent, bed and “everything in his possession, with himself, was picked up and carried through the air to the bottom of the gulch, 200 yards away.”

The next morning, he was brought to the Calumet & Arizona hospital, where he was operated on. His condition was improving, the paper reported later in the week, “and he has a good chance of recovery.”

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