Train robbery and Bisbee massacre

1883 train robbery blurb

So little time, so many good stories to follow!

Working on some details for an article on the Bisbee “massacre” back in 1883, using a newspaper I hadn’t accessed before, the Weekly Phoenix Herald, and came across a blurb in the issue of Dec. 13, which had picked up an article from the Tombstone News of Dec. 6, before the Bisbee event.

At that time, Cochise County law enforcers were interested in finding the robbers of a train in the northeastern part of the county. For a while after the massacre, there was a lot of talk about the train robbers and the town invaders being the same folks, but soon that line of discussion disappeared. One of the fun things about research.

The Dec. 6 article said that “Bob Hatch’s party (he was a deputy sheriff at the time) returned last night from a 10 day’s unsuccessful hunt for the train robbers.

“They scouted through the San Simon Valley into Skeleton Canyon, on the Sonora line [that’s a site with lots of history], but found no trace of the robbers.

“The recent rains have destroyed the trail of the band that went that way.”


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