A Warning To Readers

Many of the articles posted to the Epic of Bisbee website, and which will be used later in the books of the series, will make use of contemporary reports in newspapers, coroner’s reports, and other such documents. Doing this means using the language of the times, and in early America, the language used, even by socially aware people, is not the same as the language that would be considered acceptable and appropriate today.

Thus, there will be terms and meanings used here that wouldn’t be used today. For example, in the use of the word “Mexican,” there is no differentiation between an American citizen of Mexican heritage and a citizen of Mexico. Anyone of such heritage is referred to simply as a “Mexican.”

In addition, especially in criminal cases, a suspect might be identified as a “Mexican” (particularly in a headline), while someone of northern European heritage (known then as “a white man”), wouldn’t be identified as such. In addition, someone of Mexican heritage (as well as other ethnic minorities) often isn’t identified by name, but simply as “a Mexican” or “a Negro” or “a Chinaman.”

If you are thusly offended, or don’t understand the state of race relations prior to the 1960s, you might not want to read these articles.


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